Pro Star Athletics is a Sports Buying Group that has Members in the US, Canada,

Mexico and several other Countries.  Pro Star Athletics helps entrepreneurs that

want to start their own sports business. Pro Star Athletics has over 500 suppliers

located in the US alone and works directly with International Suppliers for direct

purchases of sports products and apparel.

The days of the past when it was difficult to find an affordable business opportunity

or it was too expensive to start up your own business are gone. Pro Star Athletics

offers the opportunity to get in on the action at minimal cost without investing your

life savings.

What you can expect after becoming a Pro Star Member:

  1. You can purchase at low minimum orders, usually under $50.00.
  2. Most suppliers will see one product at a time.
  3. Most suppliers will dropship directly to your customers.
  4. Competitive pricing.
  5. No Storefront required.