Why Join Pro Star

  • Pro Star has members throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and several other countries, which enables us to negotiate excellent pricing.  You can purchase your products directly through our list of suppliers and distributors, saving you both time and money.

  • Pro Star is an affordable business opportunity.  The price of a membership is below what it typically costs to start a business.

  • You can determine your own hours and decide if you want to work full or part time.  We suggest that you start out by building your business with your personal contacts and from there on, the sky is the limit.

  • You can run your business at home, meaning a physical store is not needed.  This allows you to reduce your financial risk.

    • Pro Star members have the advantage of pre-negotiated pricing. Most of the distributors and suppliers will sell members at low minimum orders, usually below $50.00. Some suppliers don’t have minimums; you can purchase one product at a time.

Today you can be your own boss, have fun and make a profit.  Upon joining the Pro Star team, we will supply you with the tools that can help you succeed, so that you can have a life on your own terms.


As a Pro Star Member, you can order custom apparel with your own private label at low minimum quantities.  Pro Star has negotiated these prices and minimums with direct overseas factories.

  • Pro Star has years of experience in the sports business, and we can show you other ways to make money in this business when you become a Member.

  • As a Member of the Pro Star Team you are not only limited to sporting goods and apparel.  Our Members have access to sports memorabilia, bicycles, game room products, ATV’s, dirt bikes, go-carts, games, scooters, urban clothing, private label energy drinks and much more.

  • Pro Star orders large quantities of products at times so that Members can take advantage of steep discounts.  Example; electric bicycles and arcade game tables.

  • You can run your business at home, meaning a physical store is not needed.  This allows you to reduce your financial risk.

    • Pro Star sends business information and updates on a regular basis.  Business articles and information that will help you in running your sports business
  • Executive Summaries of Business Books that get you to the point in 15 minutes or less.  Thirty business book summaries per year that will help you gain business knowledge that will help in running your business

  • Pro Star is in the process of importing Street Legal Golf Carts

    Pro Star is also in the process of having our own private label caps and apparel.  These products will be below wholesale pricing.